Connecting Business People

The SA Israel Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1978 and restructured in 1999. With more than 170 corporate members on board, and growing, it is known as the only Chamber of Commerce which promotes business and investment between Israel and South Africa. South Africa and Israel offer dynamic opportunities for mutual development and growth. There is great potential for closer interaction and bilateral trade across areas such as South African commodities and agriculture, along with Israeli’s world class technology and innovation.

Our mission and Our goals:

  • To enhance the relationship between SA and Israel through facilitating bilateral trade.
  • To increase South African exports to Israel and grow imports and investment into SA.
  • To be a source of rich, exclusive, critical business information, data, and knowledge necessary for businesses of all types and sizes.
  • To offer direct and referral services designed to help business and professional people to expand their circle of productive business relationships.
  • To provide cost-effective, reliable and easy services that give companies of all sizes access to intranet infrastructure and internet access support.
  • To grow our membership to ensure that we cover all industry sectors.

South Africa – Israel Trade

  • We promote South African exports to Israel in the areas of both established and emerging markets, including IT, agriculture, logistics, health sciences and security.
  • We actively identify new companies which seek to export products to Israel, and we facilitate increasing opportunities for those already in that region.
  • We provide services to South African companies wishing to expand through the employment of Israel’s most sophisticated telecoms, IT, software and new media.
  • We offer Israeli companies information on specific South African expertise.
  • We open doors to new markets for our members and the organisation as a whole, promoting networking opportunities in Israel.
  • The SAICC is a Business Network, which connects companies and business people across all industries, job functions, and locations throughout South Africa through a common content and interactive platform… it helps to generate sales leads!!

Tips for success: research the companies and pin point business opportunities – not only to “sell your services / products” but see how you can assist them!

Networking is about forming good relationships.

We Offer Excellent Benefits to Members

  • We keep members appraised of and communicate to them new products, new companies and trade and commercial conferences both in SA and in Israel
  • We facilitate the exchange of business information, ideas and support among members
  • We offer a common platform for companies to submit and retrieve information and data, to communicate, to meet, to conduct transactions, and to advertise their products and services
  • We identify emerging business opportunities
  • We increase members’ market knowledge

The Events We Host

  • Regular networking breakfasts enabling business executives to establish relationships
  • Executive breakfasts featuring prominent guest speakers
  • Select forums for the discussion of issues of concern to business, including legal, financial and technical
  • Receptions to honour visiting dignitaries
  • The Israeli Trade Awards
  • Our Annual Golf Day
  • Whiskey tasting evenings
  • Comedy and entertainment evenings
  • SAICC annual dinner

The SAICC offers company branding opportunities

  • SAICC Functions

Digital Platforms:

  • SAICC e-newsletter
  • SAICC magazine
  • On-line purchasing portal